Using students work

using students work

Using students work is a great use of students work for further consolidation of target language.

Making assessment fun

I work in a school and system which loves to assess students. Unfortunately, I think this seems to be the same in many countries. So our students don’t have to do too many tests one way we assess them is through projects. We do projects once a term in which student collaborate with a partner to make a poster using language they have been previously taught. The students usually produce fantastic, imaginative, fun, and funny work. We then assess the student’s team work, creativity and language. We usually collect the work in at the end of the week and assess it.

Using students work for a change up

However, this time I decided to use the posters for a reading activity. The student’s work is so creative and they like their classmates to see what they have done, so this is a great way to enable students to share their work.

I had the students make a table in their notebooks with questions that could be answered through reading their classmates work. Then I stuck the posters round the room and students roamed around the classroom reading each other’s posters and answering the questions in their notebooks.

This activity worked really well, it boosted students confidence seeing their own work up around the room. Students were engaging fully with their classmates work, reading the text, looking at the pictures and asking their classmates questions.

Using students work again, gave their posters a secondary purpose, other than just for assessment. It raised the student’s awareness in regard to their classmates writing level. Finally the students really enjoyed this activity, sharing their ideas and work.

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Dan has been teaching English overseas for more than six years. He specialises in teaching young learners and has experience in teaching in the UK, South Korea and Thailand.