Using Edmodo

Stonehenge homework using edmodo

Using Edmodo with English language learners

What is Edmodo?

“Edmodo is an educational website that takes the ideas of a social network and refines them and makes it appropriate for a classroom”.

Well, that’s the website creators vision! I was forced to use it when teaching a class which had been promised an online element.

To be honest I was nervous about introducing the students to Edmodo because I didn’t feel confident using it, however, my tech savvie students took to it like ducks to water. Once we had got through the initial sign up and navigation, which took quite a bit of time in class, the students really enjoyed using Edmodo. Material, videos, websites to explore, and quizzes were uploaded onto Edmodo. I would ask the students to look at, and comment on material for homework. Unlike other homework, I found almost all the students participated by making comments on the material, as well as commenting on their peers comments and suggestions.

Edmodo has closed groups, which you can control, so you can give students access codes for certain areas of the website. Also, they then ask to join the group so the teacher then accepts them. This way there are two security measures in place to join the group. This makes Edmodo a safe, adult monitored space for your students to interact on the web.

Using edmodo, there are always opportunities for the teacher to make comments on the students comments or to use a drop down menu for generic comments like good work, interesting etc.

One topic we were studying was tourist sites you would like to visit in England. The teaching material had a national trust castle, that the material writer liked, and students were encouraged to search the web to find and post the attraction of their choice. My students really enjoyed this, with everyone posting different attractions or landmarks they wanted to visit if they had the opportunity to visit the UK. They also commented on each others posts, creating a great online learning environment.

My conclusion

If the material you upload ignites the students imagination and if you spend a bit of class time throughout the semester looking at the students comments, ideas and uploads, then Edmodo can be a useful, fun and engaging tool.

I hope you have the success I did.

Joey has been teaching overseas for more than six years and has experience teaching EAP in the UK, young learners in South Korea and teaching all ages and abilities in Thailand. She has a CELTA and an MA TESOL.