Classroom seating plans

classroom seating plans

Classroom seating plans can have a huge impact on how your students interact with you and each other. Sometimes we don’t have a choice about classroom seating plans. Maybe its not our classroom or maybe perhaps your school is security obsessed and bolted the chairs and tables to the floor. If you do have some freedom to move your tables […]

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Authentic Material

authentic materials in the classroom

Authentic material is often overlooked by language teachers. Newspapers, magazines or brochures can expose learners to more realistic language. Choosing learning material for your students is an important consideration. One thing to think about is where you are getting materials from. So often I get bogged down in using a coursebook. It’s sometimes really nice to use materials from alternative […]

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Large Classes

managing large classes

Large classes used to make me very nervous I have developed a few strategies to get me through a class with as many students getting as much as possible. I’m going to share some of my ideas today. I should probably put a little disclaimer in here. These strategies aren’t foolproof. They don’t work all the time. They don’t work […]

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Process language

process language will engage your students

The genius of process language! I can’t believe I never used this before, it’s fantastic! I’ve also been wrongly getting annoyed with my students for using their L1, when in fact it has been my fault for not giving them the process language to complete the task. Process language is the language you give you students so they can complete […]

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