Teaching EAP in Leeds

Teaching EAP in Leeds
Teaching EAP in Leeds was a great experience.

I worked in Leeds for Leeds University on a summer course four years ago. I’m writing this post about my experience there, however, due to the time delay I may get a few things wrong.

I was teaching students about to embark on various MA’s at the Leeds University Business School, some needed to improve their IELTS score before gaining a place, others just wanted to get a head start. I worked on the 10 week course. There was also a shorter one that lasted 5 weeks (I think).

This was the BEST job I have ever had. It helped that I was being paid very well, however even if the salary hadn’t been so great, I think I would still say this is the best place I have taught. Where to start … firstly the students were fantastic. I think this really was the major factor. They were mainly from China and other parts of Asia and they were all incredibly motivated – no classroom management issues here. It was so refreshing teaching EAP to students that really, really wanted to learn.

Secondly, the course was incredibly well run. The course leader had done an incredible job with the materials, which were excellent, and well-tailored to the students. She was also a very good ‘people person’. My colleagues were excellent, well qualified and also motivated. They were interesting and well travelled, as you expect ELT teachers to be. I felt as a teacher I gained valuable experience from other teachers on the course; from having an excellent observation with informative and constructive criticism; the availabilty of excellent teaching EAP material; and from the students themselves.

Finally, Leeds is such a great city who wouldn’t want to spend a summer there? Exploring the city and surrounding area, enjoying the excellent food and the fantastic pubs. I think I may have rosy tinted spectacles when I look back on my time in Leeds, but even if you half my exuberance, it still pans out as being a great teaching gig.

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Joey has been teaching overseas for more than six years and has experience teaching EAP in the UK, young learners in South Korea and teaching all ages and abilities in Thailand. She has a CELTA and an MA TESOL.