Researching Jobs

researching jobs

Researching new jobs teaching English overseas just got easier!

If you are anything like me, you want to know what sort of job you are getting yourself into and researching jobs for teaching English overseas is not always that easy. We are here to help.

Imagine the scenario, you’re looking for English language teaching jobs overseas. You are surfing through your favourite list of websites trying to find schools offering enough money and perks to get you out of your comfort zone, and off on a big adventure.

You have a load of questions you want to know before you even apply for a job. Are they going to pay me enough? Are they going to pay me on time? Are they going to help me become a better teacher? What are the resources like? What did previous teachers think of the school? How many students am I really going teach? How many hours am I actually going to have to teach?

Researching jobs is easier with

Well, this is where will help you out. Our aim is to build a library of schools around the world who have an interest in English Language teaching. We give teachers a framework of questions and rating s to give an honest, objective appraisal of their places of work. is making the research of schools a whole lot easier. We are the Tripadvisor of the ELT world.

Going overseas to work is an often overwhelming proposition even for the hardiest of souls. Our mission is to offer prospective teachers a resource tool, a website that they can get some reassurance that the school they are going to go to is who, where and what it says it is. If you are off on a new adventure why don’t you have a read of our guide to teaching abroad for the first time.

Dan has been teaching English overseas for more than six years. He specialises in teaching young learners and has experience in teaching in the UK, South Korea and Thailand.