Professional Development

Taking professional development seriously
Professional Development is a valuable tool.

Teacher training is an important aspect of a teachers development. When applying for a job, teachers should take into account an employers seriousness to helping a teacher to better themselves.

There are many different elements that can contribute to teachers professional developement. They can be formal qualifications, like the Cambridge DELTA or the CELTYL. They can be internal training sessions delivered ‘in-house’, often referred to as an INSETT. There are aldo many other training oppurtunities like webinars, conferences and online guides. Not to mention reading methodology books. These will all contribute to a teachers professional development.

Many good employers will help financially with formal course fees and will often want to see a qualification at the end of a period of time. Some employers may also allow for time off to attend conferences, they’ll probably be particulalry keen if you are delivering a session. They may also be willing to give you extra time off for webinars.

Additionally many employers will run their own training schedule. These INSETT’s are often designed to deliver in-house training to staff on specific topics they may feel is nessesary to their staff. Gaining experience delivering INSETT’s to familiar people is a great stepping stone if you are looking to get into teacher training, or are wanting to deliver sessions at a conference.

The benefits are pretty obvious for employers to help teachers with professional development. Primarily, an employer is getting a better teacher by giving you extra training, their extra training can then be fed back to other teachers. Better teachers should result in happier, more productive language learners.

Teachers attending conferences is a great oppurtunity for teachers to network, meet other teachers, exchange ideas and build relationships. INSETT’s are great opputunities to develop a team bond with a group of colleagues whilst maintaining a professional focus.

It is both the teachers responibility to make sure they make the most of training opputunities around them, while it is also very important for employers to encourage an environment of continued professional development.

Dan has been teaching English overseas for more than six years. He specialises in teaching young learners and has experience in teaching in the UK, South Korea and Thailand.