Classdojo for classroom management

Classdojo for classroom management

Using Classdojo for classroom management is a great way to get students learning and behaving.

I have heard of many different ways of using Classdojo. But many people agree on the positive impact using classdojo for classroom management has.

Classdojo is a website, which when logged in allows you to add students names to a class. It can then be used for a points scoring system. Points can be defined based on good behaviour, correct answers, handing in homework. You can add your own reasons for giving points. You can deduct points for bad behaviour, but I tend to not give points to students behaving badly and give points for good behaviour.

You can also use classdojo to communicate with parents. Parents can be a login code for their child, they can then login and see a report of how their child does in class.

I use classdojo to tally up points at the end of class. I then have landmark scores where students get prizes. Each class, I divide the class into teams of four or five. During class, students can get points for answering questions correctly, behaving well, helping others, team work and any other positive action. At the end of each class, members of the winning team get a point. I don’t use classdojo throughout the class because it takes too much time to keep going to classdojo website.

You can access classdojo for free. It is an excellent tool for teachers and is well worth the effort.

Drawbacks of using classdojo for classroom management

As with everything there are things you need to consider. Firstly, it does take a few minutes at the end of the class to count up points, but it works well if you can work it into your ‘end of class routine’. You also need to make sure you have it set up before you start your first class, and it’s best to take five minutes checking namesĀ  and rules when introducing it to class.

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