CELTA in Vietnam: Part 4

celta in vietnam

My last week of doing my CELTA in Vietnam. Woop woop, my final teaching practice was on Tuesday morning, 60 minutes and then I’m done. My final lesson was on grammar. The main aim was to present and practice the MFP of ‘going to’ in the context of future plans. I chose grammar not because I was good, actually I had not done well in my previous grammar teaching practice, but because I was bad at it. I thought that I would get more benefit from having the support and feedback in an area I was less good at, so as to improve on a weak area rather than show off something I was better at but get less from the learning experience. For my final teaching practice I wrote my first guided discovery, which took me ages, and had to be tweaked by the tutor.

Overall the lesson went well. Areas I still need to work on are sentence stress and drilling authentically for example “I’m gonna travel the world” rather than “I’m going to travel the world”. Also, I could have made students aware of the register or context that you would use “I’m gonna travel the world” and how maybe if you were talking to a collegue you might possibly say “I’m quitting my job and going to travel the world”. I also have to be aware of my body language, the tutor said I spent quite a lot of time with my arms crossed when monitoring and this can be seem very defensive.

The final activity had students talking to other members of the class about their future plan using the target language ‘going to’ and decided who’s future plans were the most exciting. I think this worked well as students got to personalise the language which helped it to be more memorable.

The input sessions for the final week were: Language analysis 4: review; Teaching young learners, video observation, literacy, testing and international exams and professional development. I enjoyed the video observation session the most. We had already watched out tutors teaching two, two hour periods and watched a video of task based learning. This final observation was from one of our tutors and was useful to see how much the tutor packed into the lesson, but using all the target language and managing to repeatedly use it in different activities so the students were being exposed to it again and again, using it again and again. There was also  a lot of drilling, more than I expected and more than I ever put in my lessons. I am still unsure how to do enough drilling in my class without my students getting bored. I don’t teach adults in my job so drilling children needs to be fun, but I still can’t find a good technique to introduce the language, have the students practice in a controlled way, so that it can be corrected if necessary without them getting bored.

Thanks for reading about me doing my CELTA in Vietnam, you can read about my experiences completing my online masters.

Joey has been teaching overseas for more than six years and has experience teaching EAP in the UK, young learners in South Korea and teaching all ages and abilities in Thailand. She has a CELTA and an MA TESOL.