CELTA in Vietnam: Part 1

celta in vietnam

Doing my CELTA in Vietnam – Week One

Officially on the timetable your day starts at 9 and finishes at 5.30, but in reality once the course gets started you will be arriving at about 8 or earlier, to finalise your lesson for that day, and probably won’t be leaving the CELTA training centre before lock up time and you will be taking your lesson plan home to continue to work on them.

By the end of week one of my CELTA in Vietnam, half the trainees in our group had taught 3 lessons and half had taught 2. The first lesson was only 20 minutes long and the tutors gave us an outline of what they want us to do. The next 7 teaching practices were 40 minutes long and then the final teaching practice was 60 minutes.

There was a lesson plan hour, scheduled each day, in which you could go over your lesson ideas with your tutor to get tips and advice. However as the course progressed you got less and less support for planning your lessons. After each teaching practice there was a feedback session where your tutor and fellow teacher trainees discussed the lessons taught that day, what went well, and what things could be improved on.

The afternoon consisted of input sessions. During the first week we had input sessions on: classroom management, learner/teacher roles and learner styles; receptive skills – reading; introduction to language analysis, labelling verb forms; teaching from authentic materials; presenting language – lexis; presenting language – language from texts; presenting language test, teach, test; and a lesson planning overview.

Assignments 1,2,3 were also given out during the first week with staggered hand in dates over the next three weeks.

We all also visited language schools and observed 2 hours of lessons, from two separate teachers.

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Joey has been teaching overseas for more than six years and has experience teaching EAP in the UK, young learners in South Korea and teaching all ages and abilities in Thailand. She has a CELTA and an MA TESOL.