Positive Reinforcement

positive reinforcement to get your students engaged

Positive Reinforcement has reinvigorated a young learner class that was seriously beginning to act up To give some context, I am 16 weeks into a 20 week semester in a Thai school. The class is a mixed gender class but about two thirds boys made up of about twenty students. They are fairly well balanced in respect to their English […]

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Teaching Skills

teaching skills being shared

Teaching skills are often overlooked by teachers. We can sometimes undervalue ourselves as a consequence. Teaching skills make us highly valuable. You just have to look and find the positives. We look at just a few teaching skills and how we use them in the classroom. Culturally Aware By the very nature of teaching English, you interact with many people of […]

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Classroom seating plans

classroom seating plans

Classroom seating plans can have a huge impact on how your students interact with you and each other. Sometimes we don’t have a choice about classroom seating plans. Maybe its not our classroom or maybe perhaps your school is security obsessed and bolted the chairs and tables to the floor. If you do have some freedom to move your tables […]

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Professional Development

Taking professional development seriously

Professional Development is a valuable tool. Teacher training is an important aspect of a teachers development. When applying for a job, teachers should take into account an employers seriousness to helping a teacher to better themselves. There are many different elements that can contribute to teachers professional developement. They can be formal qualifications, like the Cambridge DELTA or the CELTYL. […]

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