Giving Instructions

giving instructions

Giving instructions must be kept simple and concise Giving instructions to English language learners can be difficult. You have to find the correct balance between making sure students understand whilst still modelling good language. It’s always good to have introduced some useful classroom language at the beginning of your course. This language will be a common necessary part of your […]

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Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts are a great way to consolidate new vocabulary with young learners. Young learners can develop a multitude of skills when doing Arts & Crafts (and as Napoleon Dynamite says “Everybody needs skills man”) – speaking skills, motor skills, new process language. In a recent lesson teaching ‘clothes’ to a class of young learners, we made a clothesline using […]

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Drilling Language Learners

drilling language learners

Drilling language learners is a tough teaching strategy to get right. I always find it a little strange. How do you approach drilling language learners? All the input sessions/insets I’ve ever been too have always ‘banged on about’ how great drilling is. However, I still find it difficult to drill my students as much as I’ve been told I should, without beginning […]

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Positive Reinforcement

positive reinforcement to get your students engaged

Positive Reinforcement has reinvigorated a young learner class that was seriously beginning to act up To give some context, I am 16 weeks into a 20 week semester in a Thai school. The class is a mixed gender class but about two thirds boys made up of about twenty students. They are fairly well balanced in respect to their English […]

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Teaching in South Korea

teaching in south korea

Teaching in South Korea left me with mixed experiences Teaching in South Korea was my first teaching job. Now, looking back through the mists of time, I realise a few things. One, what a bad teacher I was when I started out. Two, what I was being asked to teach by the private language centre was ridiculous. We were expected […]

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